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An introduction to the dice game

Welcome to the dice game simulator. The aim of the dice game is to demonstrate what happens when you have a system of dependent steps (one activity cannot be started until the previous step is complete) and where each step experiences statistical fluctuations (performance varies day by day).

On this page there are two games: the standard game, which is the game played in chapter nine of Pride and Joy, and The Manager’s game where you have resources which can be moved between throws to try and improve flow.

1. The standard dice game

This is the standard game where resources are fixed, capacity is the same at each station and variability in performance of each station is the same. A voice over and written explanation of game one is available below.

2. Managing the system

This is similar to the standard game except you can reallocate resources between each throw. A voice over and written explanation of game two is available below.

The Dice Game is currently not available on mobile and tablet devices. App coming soon.

Become a Pride and Joy member and access all six dice games

In the member site are six dice games for you to play as often as you like. In this membership area we encourage you to ask as many questions as you want to build up your knowledge and understanding of the cause-and-effect relationships in systems and how to improve flow using Theory of Constraints’ principles.