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‘Amazing book. Spot on. Love it!’

Gareth Powell

‘Thank you – it makes sense!’

Clea Harmer

‘A novel you can learn from!’

Inge Vogels

‘Congratulations on Pride and Joy – my life!’

Dione Rogers

‘The author really understands the National Health Service’

Dr Joe Emeagi

‘It is extremely accurate in capturing a lot of the difficulties that exist.’

Pam Whittle, CBE

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Latest Reviews

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This is a must read for politicians, policy makers, clinicians and managers. It tells the story of how healthcare systems can be managed in a sustainable way with the patient at the centre of decision making.

Dr Mike Williams


Pride and Joy wraps quality improvement techniques with a story and characters and thus presents the key messages in a highly engaging way.

Professor Viv Bennett

Director of Nursing for Department of Health and Public Health England

This book is 5/5 because it is a page turner, has a fantastic plot and explains the underlying theory in an easy to understand and compelling way.
From healthcare students to CEOs, this book is for you.

Jake Matthews BMedSc

Founding Chairman

The Birmingham Medical Leadership Society (BMLS)