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This is a must read for politicians, policy makers, clinicians and managers. It tells the story of how healthcare systems can be managed in a sustainable way with the patient at the centre of decision making.

Dr Mike Williams


Alex Knight

BSc, MBA, CEng

Alex has worked around the world alongside many great leaders in health, social care, for-profit and not-for-profit organisations. His consulting, lecturing and coaching work has shown him, first-hand, the joys and struggles people face in their endeavours to improve their services and businesses.

Alex's work is guided by the scientific approach and the principles underpinning the Theory of Constraints (TOC); a belief that inherent simplicity exists: in any goal-oriented system there are only ever a few places that have the power to affect the performance of the whole system—the system's constraint(s).  

Alex was fortunate to be mentored by Dr Eliyahu M. Goldratt, the inventor of the Theory of Constraints. Their friendship lasted almost three decades and included a period when Alex was the first chief executive of Goldratt Consulting Ltd, where he helped to steer the organisation through its formative years. Alex is recognised as one of the world's leading authorities on TOC. He led the introduction of the first ever Masters in Theory of Constraints at Nottingham and Trent Business School; a programme that continues to run and is the only Masters programme in TOC in the world.  He is also a board member of the Theory of Constraints International Certification Organisation and the Goldratt Foundation. 

Prior to his role in Goldratt Consulting, Alex was the managing director of Ashridge Consulting, which is part of the Ashridge business school, and was a board director of the business school. While at Ashridge Alex taught on many strategic and operational programmes and consulted at a strategic level to a wide range of organisations. During his time at Ashridge Alex investigated many different consulting approaches and advocates a few that he believes help people to see the world anew.

Alex is a founding partner of QFI; an organisation committed to applying the scientific approach and Theory of Constraints to seemingly intractable problems—problems that are limiting the organisation's performance. This often requires Alex to take the principles of TOC and invent new, practical and robust solutions.  Most recently Alex has applied this thinking to the integration of healthcare, in particular to community-based healthcare. He is also exploring healthcare at a national and a global level—analysing the seemingly intractable problems. 

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I enjoyed reading Pride and Joy, largely because it resonated with a lot of my own experiences. In fact, I am just exploring the clinically derived planned discharge date in my current job to streamline our discharge process for complex patients. I thought the idea of explaining some of the theory through a story was great and made complex ideas much easier to follow - Alex always did this well at our training too.  

Paediatric Consultant

NHS Trust, England

I love the book, it’s full of golden nuggets of insight. I can see myself dipping into it and revisiting some of the sections.

Head of Outpatients

NHS Trust, England

Pride and Joy is a good and very powerful read. I could relate to the content and it caused me to reflect on a lot of the scenarios.

Matron (Neuro Sciences)

NHS Trust, England