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About Alex Knight

Alex was mentored for almost three decades by Dr Eliyahu M. Goldratt, the inventor of the Theory of Constraints (TOC). During this time Alex explored ways in which the TOC principles could be applied to the service sector. Pride and Joy brings together Alex’s knowledge and experience of TOC and insight into how TOC can be applied to health systems.

Pride and Joy

Written as a business novel about a struggling hospital, Pride and Joy takes the reader through a journey of discovery into why good people with good intent struggle to achieve a breakthrough in performance. It offers a practical way to address the core problem of our health systems and achieve high-quality, patient-centred affordable care for all.

Latest Reviews

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I enjoyed reading Pride and Joy, largely because it resonated with a lot of my own experiences. In fact, I am just exploring the clinically derived planned discharge date in my current job to streamline our discharge process for complex patients. I thought the idea of explaining some of the theory through a story was great and made complex ideas much easier to follow - Alex always did this well at our training too.  

Paediatric Consultant

NHS Trust, England

I love the book, it’s full of golden nuggets of insight. I can see myself dipping into it and revisiting some of the sections.

Head of Outpatients

NHS Trust, England

Pride and Joy is a good and very powerful read. I could relate to the content and it caused me to reflect on a lot of the scenarios.

Matron (Neuro Sciences)

NHS Trust, England