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‘Amazing book. Spot on. Love it!’

Gareth Powell

‘Thank you – it makes sense!’

Clea Harmer

‘A novel you can learn from!’

Inge Vogels

‘Congratulations on Pride and Joy – my life!’

Dione Rogers

‘The author really understands the National Health Service’

Dr Joe Emeagi

‘It is extremely accurate in capturing a lot of the difficulties that exist.’

Pam Whittle, CBE

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Latest Reviews

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I enjoyed reading Pride and Joy, largely because it resonated with a lot of my own experiences. In fact, I am just exploring the clinically derived planned discharge date in my current job to streamline our discharge process for complex patients. I thought the idea of explaining some of the theory through a story was great and made complex ideas much easier to follow - Alex always did this well at our training too.  

Paediatric Consultant

NHS Trust, England

I love the book, it’s full of golden nuggets of insight. I can see myself dipping into it and revisiting some of the sections.

Head of Outpatients

NHS Trust, England

Pride and Joy is a good and very powerful read. I could relate to the content and it caused me to reflect on a lot of the scenarios.

Matron (Neuro Sciences)

NHS Trust, England