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Pride and Joy Podcasts

Welcome to our podcast series where Alex Knight talks further about some of the ideas in Pride and Joy.

Alex addresses the resource implications of improving patient flow.

  • Improving patient flow through the Emergency department.
  • Implications for the whole system.
  • Improving quality of care.
  • Enhancing junior doctor training.

Duration: 11:22

Alex addresses the financial benefits of improving patient flow

  • Improving the finances of the whole system.
  • Improving patient flow improves financial performance
  • Dealing with the unintended outcomes of success.

Duration: 10:30

Stuart Wilkins interviews Alex Knight about the global health situation

  • Three data points demonstrating the pressure
  • Something important has become urgent
  • The need for a rapid and sustainable breakthrough
  • No country is immunised
  • The direction of a solution

Duration: 5:38

Stuart Wilkin interviews Alex Knight about improving performance in the A&E department

  • Often the first step in the process
  • Improving performance
  • How to do an analysis
  • Where to start
  • How the rest of the system can help
  • Gaining commitment of others

Duration: 10:06

Stuart Wilkins interviews Alex Knight about community-based health and social care

  • The two critical roles
  • Finding the leverage point(s)
  • The logistical differences
  • Clinical and management roles
  • The trick of integrated care
  • A vision for community-based care

Duration: 11:07

Stuart Wilkin interviews Alex Knight about the core healthcare dilemma, page 75 of Pride and Joy

  • Why good people working so hard find it so difficult to improve the performance of the whole hospital.
  • Each side of the dilemma.
  • The criteria upon which any solution must meet.
  • The discharge solution example.

Duration: 17:07

Latest reviews

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The book’s simplicity is its success. Every health care professional should read it.

Matron (Children)

NHS Trust, England

Pride and Joy is a great read, combining entertainment with insight into how complexity can be simply and practically managed. I have waited a long time for an alternative to 'The Goal' and the healthcare setting of this book will make the TOC principles and tools more readily accessible to service providers and particularly healthcare. I will definitely be recommending this book.

Dr Roy Stratton

Reader in Operations and
Supply Chain Management

Nottingham Trent University